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The ambitious dentist mastermind group

Exclusive to the Start Your Dental Practice Audience

  • Honest, unbiased feedback from people sitting in your shoes: Find out what's worked for other dental practice owners from around the nation in a confidential setting.
  • Unlock Your Practice's Potential: Find out what is working for others so that you can grow your practice to new heights.
  • Area Exclusivity: Join Now to Lock Up Your Area
  • Exclusive Q&A's from Dentistry's Biggest Influencers:
    You've heard them on the podcast, now ask them YOUR questions, one on one.
  • Accountability Partner: The secret to accomplishing anything is to have accountability.  Each member of the mastermind will be setup with a 1:1 accountability partner that will make sure you stay on the right track.
  • No More Questioning What's Next:
    You don't have to go it alone.  You don't have to be an anonymous face on a message board with a question that isn't easy to explain without saying it. This 26 week long online mastermind will give you a roadmap to success.

This mastermind group is only open to the first SIX people who are accepted in.  (We only want owners who are serious about getting their practice rolling)

We are expecting many applications and not everyone will get in, but make sure you fill out an application so that you can be considered for future classes.

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